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Applications for Dumore Hand Grinders and Flexible Shaft Grinders are wide and varied, but some of the more common uses include:

  • Die Work
  • Mold Work
  • Toolroom Operations
  • Spark Testing
  • Foundry Work

Dumore Hand Grinders are used extensively in die shops to de-burr, correct inaccuracies, polish, grind hard to reach areas, and facilitate mating of male and female dies.

Mold work often demands the use of very small points or burrs to grind difficult to reach areas or complex shapes. Dumore Flexible Shaft Grinders are particularly useful in this application.

Nearly every manufacturer has a toolroom where fixtures or either made or repaired, and Dumore Hand Grinders as well as Flexible Shaft Grinders are the tools of choice to perform these finishing operations. Also, Dumore Hand Grinders are often used to quickly re-sharpen tools without removing them from the machine.

In steel mills, skilled operators often employ Dumore Hand Grinders to spark test stock in order to identify materials.

Foundries use Dumore Hand Grinders for snagging, flash removal, gate and fin removal, and general casting clean-up.

Dumore Tool Post Grinders will turn a standard lathe into a versatile and accurate internal or external grinder. They are mounted on the compound of a lathe in a matter of minutes and provide a portable, low-cost solution to almost any grinding need.

Selection of the proper Tool Post Grinder is important, and our experienced sales engineers will provide you with valuable assistance picking the right tool for your needs.


Series 6 - 1/4 HP (Low Speed)Series 20-1/6 HP


Designed for heavy-duty metal removal with larger mounted wheels or rotary files. A powerful permanent magnet motor maintains speed under load. Excellent performance at speeds as low as 500 RPM with 1-310 tabletop speed control.

Series 6 - 1/4 HP (High Speed)Series 20-1/6 HP

Engineered to provide a versatile combination of speed and horsepower for:
• Light work such as contouring and polishing jobs
• Heavier grinding and filing
• Heavy-duty metal removal with carbide burrs


Series 1 - 1/10 HP

Series 20-1/6 HP

Designed for grinding and filing with 5/32” maximum shank accessories. Features a knurled sure-grip ball bearing hand-piece and engineered with extra long brush life to minimize maintenance.