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24-300 - Filter/Oiler/Regulator

Series 20-1/6 HP

This assembly is installed directly into the airline to remove impurities and inject oil vapor into the system. The operator can adjust air pressure to produce the required thrust from the drill unit.


24-151 and 24-152 - Single and Three Phase Non-Reversing Drilling Motors

Series 20-1/6 HP

These non-reversing 3/4 HP motors are totally enclosed and provide the spindle drive for Series 22 and Series 28 drill units. Used for drilling only, these motors are available in single phase 115V/230V with an 8’ cord and three-prong plug, or a three phase 220/440V model without cord and plug. Weight: Net 33 lbs., Shipping 35 lbs.


28-152 - Reversing Drill and Tap Motor

Series 20-1/6 HP

A Heavy-duty 1 HP, 220/440V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, TEFC reversing induction motor that provides up to sixteen reversals per minute for production tapping. It can also be used for drilling. Weight: Net 46 lbs., Shipping 49 lbs.


24-111 - Hydraulic Feed Control

Series 20-1/6 HP

Designed to speed up the entire drilling cycle, and increase productivity by allowing the drill to rapidly approach the workpiece. It accurately controls the feed rate for small hole drilling and minimizes burrs or breakthrough holes. Recommended when drilling hard material, spot facing, boring, angular drilling, and curved surface breakthrough. Optional on Series 22 and 28.